Kabul street photography is not for amateurs

This picture may look pretty uneventful, and you’d probably guess that there isn’t much of a story behind it. But, consider this …Qalam Nabi is a street photographer in Kabul. Afghanistan is one of the very few parts of the world where street photographers manage to keep their profession alive, but barely – Nabi is one of only two such photographers in the entire city. The 44-year old has been doing this since he was 11. His wooden box camera, or Kamra-E-Faoree, is a wonder of old world technology. And the only thing more impressive than watching him wield his craft is the level of insight that this mini documentary offers us. The 8 minute video has more thrills than your typical Hollywood fare as you watch to see how Nabi is able to create a modern photograph out of such a basic machine. As framers, we are in awe of his deft hands and expert maneuvering. Go Nabi!

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