Who needs canvas when you’ve got a cardboard box?

EVOL is a German street artist who we’ve talked about before. His work typically involves transforming outdoor environments. But these caught our eye because he’s transformed a 2-dimensional space into the outdoors. Well, the outside of buildings, at least. The unnervingly well executed facades are done with spray paint and stencils on flattened cardboard boxes. The detail and shadows aren’t impressive simply because of the materials used, but also because the space being described isn’t terribly deep. Sometimes it’s just a dumpster in front of a building or an awning over a window. Yet if it weren’t for the cardboard box element, you might think these were photographs or painted with a brush and oil paints. We also love how the origin of the surface isn’t kept secret. The shape and edges of the cardboard, as well as the printed labels, don’t detract from the effect. On the contrary, they enhance the overall look. Any theories on why that is, dear viewer?

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