The perfect graduation gift

Custom framing your favorite grad’s diploma may seem obvious, but seriously, is there a more perfect gift for the occasion? No. We can’t tell you how many adults bring us their own certificates from college and grad school to be framed. But by then, they’re often wrinkled, stained, ripped, or faded (the certificates, not the adults).
*sigh* If only someone had framed that document for them as soon as they got it, it would be lovely to look at and it would be protected.

“Custom framing” are two words that can be intimidating if you’ve never done it before. But “custom” doesn’t always mean fancy and it never has to be exorbitant. It just means that you’re putting the diploma in a frame that’s the proper shape as well as the proper size and it’ll be safer than an off-the-shelf frame.
Regarding the price, customers will sometimes say that they already spent so much on their son’s or daughter’s schooling that they don’t want to pour any more money into the experience. But if that diploma cost you so much time, effort, and money, why in the world would you put it into a $14.95 frame that will hasten the aging of the paper and look sub-par? We have solutions for all budgets that will help to preserve your certificate and make it look amazing. Custom framing a diploma will show others that the graduate truly earned it.

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