Who was that masked framer?

Is it time for Halloween already? Nope, but it’s the perfect time of year for bicycling… like a superhero! Admit it, nobody looks especially cool in a typical bike helmet. You might as well be wearing a utility sink on your head. But with the help of Smirk Masks, you can race through the park or down the street and people will think you’re hot on the heels of an evil super villain. If superheroes aren’t your thing, these are still a great way to make a unique statement. Who says you have to wear it as a bike helmet? Just pop one on before you head over to the supermarket. We’re guessing you won’t have to wait long in the check out line.
We love how each of these is distinctly different from the next. Our personal favorite is “Hermes” – third from the bottom. Smirk Masks has styles like these that you can order, or they can customize one especially for you. Those start at $1250. Probably not in your budget unless you’re Bruce Wayne. Hmmmm…

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