The open-air museum of Ferropolis, City of Iron

Museums don’t have to be inside a building and they don’t have to feature art hung on a wall. Check out Ferropolis, an open air museum showcasing ginormous industrial machines that are no longer in service. Located in Gräfenhainichen, a city near Dessau, Germany and opened in 1995, Ferropolis means “city of iron”. The metal behemoths can measure up to 30 meters high, 120 meters long and weigh up to 1980 tons. The traditional museum rule of “look but don’t touch” does not apply here. In addition to guided tours onto the machines, visitors are invited to climb certain items that have been fitted with a climbing frame made out of steel and rubber. In fact it sounds like there’s no end of activities in Ferropolis – concerts, bike excursions, festivals, swimming and diving, cultural and sport events – so grab your hard hat and let’s go!

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