Real framers use railroad spikes!

A railroad spike is one of the few things that we never framed before. Framing any object presents two challenges: choosing a frame that’s deep enough and figuring out how to securely attach the item. We love a challenge, but this job a customer brought us required some unique engineering. He needed 3 of the same job, so we had to concoct a design that we could successfully replicate more than once! He was giving them as gifts to his children after a vacation they’d taken to Utah where the first transcontinental railroad was completed. So the spike was to be included in a frame with some text and two images. Now you
can begin to see the task in front of us.

We realized that the spike was far too heavy for conventional mounting solutions and had to come up with something special. Then we remembered that one of the framers at our Shrewsbury store had created a stage inside a shadow box for a wedding cake topper. That was the answer! The stage would mean that we could lift the spike up as high as it needed to be in order to be seen thru the mat opening. It also meant that it was in contact with two surfaces – a base and the wall behind it – making it a lot more stable so that it would last the ages.
That solved the structural aspect. Now we just had to make it look good. We peeled some red silk off of the mat that was already part of the design and used it to cover the surface of the stage. This way, it wasn’t so pronounced and the viewer’s eye focuses on the spike itself.

Here’s the finished result. Remember, there were a total of 3 of these, all identical. The customer thought they looked great. Let us know what you think of our solution.

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