You have to cut HOW MANY holes?!

A stack of snapshots printed at CVS: $8.99
A professionally cut mat with openings to hold each photo: $varies
The way they look in a custom frame hanging in your home: priceless.

One of our customers had a great idea for their grandmother’s birthday gift. They took photos of the 19 (!) grandkids, each one posed with something in the shape of a letter. When the photos were laid out, it spelled “Happy Birthday Grammy”. They just needed the pics framed together to complete the gift. So we explained that the best way to display them and the safest method for the photos, was to cut a multi-opening mat. Multi-opening
mats are tricky under normal circumstances, but this was 19 photos, each one a slightly different size. Yikes!
We began by mapping out the diagram in the image above. But because the arrangement is not symmetrical, that means that we have to draw it on the back of the mat in reverse. Typically, we manage that in our heads, however this was so complex that we scanned the first diagram into a computer and flipped it so as to avoid any human error. Now we had a map showing us exactly where to make the 76 cuts that would give us 19 openings. Oh yeah, and it required an oversize mat. After copying the diagram onto the back of the mat, it was a matter of a steady hand, an hour, and a lot of patience.

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