DAna-NAna-NAna-NAna, DAna-NAna-NAna-NAna, Bat-Mural!

Seeing as how the latest Batman movie opens tomorrow, it seemed a good time to let our nerd-flag fly with a post about a painting of the Dark Knight. And not just any painting, but one that’s 150 feet high! This ad for the movie is located in New York at 315 Park Avenue South, one of the only places where advertising is still painted. Four painters from Art FX Murals worked from sunrise to sunset for five days in temperatures approaching 100 degrees to complete the painting, knowing that it may be up for only about 6 weeks before it’s painted over for the next Hollywood blockbuster. Not a whole lot has changed when it comes to making a mural as big as this. A rough outline, or “cartoon”, is marked out on the wall giving the painters the basic shapes. Each one of them has a print-out of the design strapped to his arm to use as a
guide as they fill in the details. Cans of oil paint are mixed for the larger areas, and the smaller sections are added on using traditional methods of blending.

As crafts people, it was gratifying to find this info on Tor.Com about a skill that does not rely on computers or other high-tech machinery. Sometimes the simplest, and oldest, solution is the best.

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