Turn this frame store inside out!

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blog post to bring you this breaking, up-to-the-minute news! Our Natick location, the second oldest store in the company, is in the midst of being renovated even as you read this (as long as you’re reading it on Wednesday, July 25, 2012.) The second of our stores – Arlington was the first – to get a facelift, Natick will soon have a new corner sample wall, super cool photo collage signage, new carpet in the front, and new floor tile in the back. We’ll be sure to bring you some “after” pics as soon as the dust has cleared, but here are some work-in-progress images to give you an idea of what was involved.

Our crack team of contractors (actually, it was the owners, Bob & Barry, and some brave volunteers from our staff) carried much of the store outside in order to get access to the old carpet. It’s really too bad that the rest of us couldn’t be there to help out. *sigh*

Here you can see the color of the new carpet. On the left is the wall of corner samples where we meet with new customers to offer design ideas. Come back soon to see photos of how great that’ll look and hopefully we’ll be able to report that things are back to normal. Don’t forget, Natick is open while this is happening, so stop by to cheer us on!

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