The benefits of the many do not outweigh the benefits of the one

Today’s post may seem obscure to someone who doesn’t care one whit about framing, but trust us – this is a lesson that will help you at least once in life. You don’t have to use the same frame design on every piece in a group of pictures. We hear you out there: “Why the heck are you telling us this?” Well, so many of our customers bring us a group of items that they intend to hang together – diplomas, family photos, movie posters, kid’s art, etc. Their natural inclination is to use the same frame, and even the same mat colors, on every piece. Not so fast, faithful customer!

Framing a group that will hang together in identical frames is rarely the best design. Chances are that each picture isn’t exactly the same, whether the sizes or colors or something else varies from piece to piece – so by framing them the same, you may make them look like a set, but that does a disservice to each individual piece.

Take these maps as an example. The customer had collected antique maps of places that he & his wife had traveled to over the years. They’re different sizes & colors – we did a variety of mat designs in order to complement the differences in each map. If we had done the same mat color on each one, it would had to have been something generic and dull, like a white or off-white, rather than a design that suited each individual mat.
Likewise, we picked an appropriate frame for each map. Bigger maps got bigger frames, smaller maps got smaller frames. Notice tho’ that each frame is a dark color, with black tones and a hint of red. This way they will complement one another, without being too matchy-matchy.

No matter what you choose to display in your home, remember not to sacrifice the beauty of a piece of art or picture for the sake of making it look like other framed pieces. One point of custom framing is that the frame design is tailored to that image, so take advantage of that virtue. We promise that the results will speak for themselves.

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