Saturday Evening Post custom framing cover from 1955

The cover illustration on this Saturday Evening Post from April 30, 1955 caught our eye when it showed up on the Larson-Juhl Facebook page. We couldn’t tell what the original source of the image was, so after a little sleuthing (thanks inter-webs!) we found a copy of the issue on eBay. Of course, none of the content has anything to do with framing, instead full of articles like “My Husband Crashed in the Jungle,” and “Why Britain Thinks We Don’t Know What We’re Doing”. Needless to say, we were pretty tickled by the sight of such a disgruntled old-timey clerk – the complete opposite of what we practice when it comes to customer service. That lady should’ve come to us!
The oddest thing of all was the little write-up inside that told a story behind the image. Here’s the exact text without any changes to wording or punctuation –

“So the amateur paintress has come up with this floral tempest erupting from a teapot. With Mr. Dohanos’ help. The painting is really not bad and it is not really good, and a creative hobby does wonders for the soul, which graceful comment lets us out of further art criticism, thank heaven. Turning to economics, it says on the framer’s sign that time is money, and it says here that a good picture frame is money, too, which observation illustrates the law of supply and demand, and gets us out of that, too. Turning finally to physics, even if the lady eventually decides not to frame her painting after all, it won’t matter much to posterity, for that pitcher is going to slide off the table and bust. Illustrating Newton’s
law of gravity.”

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