Need a custom poster frame? We’ve got a special for that!

The Big Deal Poster Special frame comes in gold, silver, matte black, and anodic black.

We know that sometimes you want to hang some art that only needs a basic custom frame – a concert poster, a building floor plan, a sports poster, something for a college dorm room – anything that simply needs to stay on the wall. This month we’re spotlighting our Big Deal Poster Special. It’s an offer we have all the time that includes a custom metal frame, conservation clear glass, and dry-mounting. Unlike an off-the-shelf poster frame, we can cut this to practically any size. It’s a better made product than a ready-made frame and like all of our custom work, it’s covered by our unconditional lifetime guarantee. The price depends on the size of your picture, but the Big Deal Poster Special starts at just $59.88. We can even add a mat for a small fee.
So the next time you have something that doesn’t fit a pre-fab frame or that you don’t trust to an inferior product, but you don’t need a unique design, try out this perfect custom solution at any of our 14 (soon to be 15!) locations.

The BDPS frame works great on sports posters.

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