Why I Love Fall (or Why Everyone Should Check Out the Waltham Mills Open Studios!)

There is nothing wrong with your monitor. Do not attempt to adjust the picture. Today’s broadcast is coming to you from Big Picture Framing HQ to give our fearless blogger a well deserved break. While the voice may change, the ideals remain the same!

There are a million colorful reasons that I love fall, but one in particular is the onset of art & craft fair season! They’re everywhere this time of year! I try to hit as many of these events as time, and my bank account, allow. I love meeting artists, seeing new ideas and new interpretations of old ideas, and learning about fun new techniques. I’m drawn to all different mediums, I like diversity in everything I do and own, (except my bourbon-straight-up; single barrel. Mash or blends need not apply!), and I collect eclectically, so these events are the mother-load for me!

One of my favorite art events each year is the Waltham Mills Arts Associations Open Studios. Over the years, Big Picture has done a great deal of framing for this event so I’ve gotten to see a lot of original art come through from WMAA artists and I especially love it when I get to meet and talk with them about their work!

This is WMAA’s 36th year. It’s one of Greater Boston’s oldest artists’ communities, with more than 70 artists working in a wide range of media, including sculpture, glass, printmaking, painting, textiles, photography, woodworking, film, video and more!

Former Big Picture staffer, Michelle Arnold Paine, is a member of the WMAA and has been helping coordinate this event. In addition to being a top-notch picture framer, Michelle is a wonderful contemporary painter and teacher, and she’s is going to be a Mom any second now! Yea! Check out some of her work here and go see her there!

WMAA Open Studios. Saturday, November 3rd 12-6pm, Sunday, November 4th 12-5pm. 144 & 289 Moody Street, Waltham, MA. Support your local artists!

Charles River Museum of Industry (www.crmi.org) will be FREE OF CHARGE during Open Studios hours on Saturday and Sunday, so there will be something for both the art lovers and the science lovers!

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