Nathan Fillion meets Jimmy Stewart

One kind of item that we’re asked to frame quite often is autographed memorabilia. In an upcoming post, we’ll be meeting with Matt Raymond of Autograph University to find out more about autographs from the collector’s point of view. In the meantime, a customer happened to bring us several celebrity photos that were signed, so we thought this would be an interesting precursor to our meeting with an expert. We’ll get to see what he thinks of our designs. These first three 8X10 glossies are of the stars from the TV show, “Castle”, Nathan Fillion & Stana Katic.The customer is going to hang these as a set near one another, so we stuck with the same design on each one. Using a metal frame means that it can be a skinnier profile, saving wall space for the collection. The important elements are the archival mount and the conservation glass to protect the photos while they’re on display.
The customer also had a couple of signed Jimmy Stewart photos. We thought it was interesting to see the older film pieces juxtaposed next to a modern television show. Displayed all together, they make quite an impression.

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  • Jane (@CornBlogGirl)  On November 15, 2012 at 10:33 pm

    Love these! What a great example of a wide mat boarder helping to present the image rather than drown it…I guess sometimes more is less?

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