There’s always room for improvement

Anyone who’s done custom framing before knows how much different the art can look with just a slight change to the framing design. Here’s a great example – a customer brought us a water-color painting that she’d custom framed at another store several years ago. She didn’t feel that the mat colors or the frame worked with her living space anymore. We began by changing the mat colors. The choice to use 3 mats in the original design was a good one because it affords greater subtlety than one or even two mats. So we kept that idea – here’s the before…

… and the after.

The first frame had a paper-wrapped finish, whereas the Big Picture Collection are all frames with a real veneer. When we showed the customer how we sometimes stack two frames together to create a truly unique look, she really liked that idea. You can see the smaller, simpler frame on the inside edge of the larger, copper frame – it acts as a nice break between the more obvious frame and the taupe mat.

Before (left) and after (right)

Don’t ever be afraid to improve an old piece of your art that’s already framed. And when you do, take advantage of the custom aspect and add that extra mat or include a second frame. That choice will pay you back for many years.

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