The biggest and easiest way to open a bottle of wine

Corkscrew-in-cellarWhen you open up a bottle of wine to enjoy this holiday season, will you do so with trepidation? Do you sometimes break the cork, or are you a master corkscrew artist? Either way, you could save yourself the time and trouble if you had this Rube Goldberg machine-style sculpture, The Corkscrew, in your home (altho’ it’d probably need its own room.)

ONEOEOFONE is a design firm based in Grantham, Lincolnshire outside of London. They commissioned Rob Higgs to build The Corkscrew. Higgs lives in Cornwall, which apparently is littered with old machine parts and mechanical items he finds on old farmsteads, boatyards, and in scrap-heaps. With them, he skillfully welds together these components to create his eccentric mechanical devices. Higgs’s bio says

Rob began to sell his work through The Cabaret Mechanical Theatre as well as working on collaborative commissions with Engineered Arts. His work has been exhibited widely across Europe.

In 2005 Rob was commissioned by The Eden Project in Cornwall to construct “The Nutcracker”, a mechanical sculpture measuring eight feet square by 35 feet high and weighing over four tons. He has also created a collaborative chainreaction film for the Science Museum.

Marcus Wilkinson of ONEOFONE met Rob through acquiring one of his artworks. He then commissioned Rob to build “The Corkscrew”, an ingenious mechanical device for opening a bottle and pouring a glass of wine.

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