It was so cold last week that even fire was freezing

Alright, so maybe that title isn’t scientifically accurate. You’re gonna have to cut us some slack – our teeth are chattering so loudly that we can’t hear ourselves think. Brrrrrr! At least we’re just framing in this weather, and not outdoors trying to put out a fire like the one that happened last week in Chicago. It took almost 200 firefighters to extinguish this abandoned warehouse fire – fortunately, no one was hurt. Given the frigid temps, the water sprayed on the fire froze almost immediately! Check out the other-worldly results captured by photographers Robert R. Gigliotti, David Schalliol, and Darek Szupina. You can mouse over each image to see who shot what.
See, there is an upside to these arctic conditions – as long as you can appreciate it from the safety of your computer monitor. Chicago Wharehouse Fire-David Schalliol

Chicago Wharehouse Fire-David Schalliol-2

Chicago Wharehouse Fire-Darek Szupina

Chicago Wharehouse Fire-Darek Szupina-2

Chicago Wharehouse Fire-truck-David Schalliol

Chicago Wharehouse Fire-Robert R Gigliotti

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