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Wire these drawings so amazing?

CW Roelle wire drawing 6Take a look at these drawings by Providence, RI based artist CW Roelle. We were intrigued just as much by the unique choice of medium and the effort involved as we were by Roelle’s unusual choice of subject matter. “What, drawings made out of wire? Oh, okay. What, drawings made out of wire of a guy moving his lawn? Whaa-?!”
You can see more of his intricate work in our very own neck of the woods at 13FOREST Gallery in Arlington, MA – many of the pieces are for sale.

CW Roelle wire drawing 4

CW Roelle wire drawing 2

CW Roelle wire drawing 5

CW Roelle wire drawing 3

CW Roelle wire drawing 1

CW Roelle wire drawing 1 detail


3D pencil drawings by Fredo get a double take

Drawings by 17-year-old Chilean artist Fredo are showing up on the internet more & more. He has over 5,000 followers on Facebook. His own website Drawing Open My Third Eye, boasts a steady stream of his pencil drawings done in a characteristic style. The soft rendering technique appears right away as that of somebody still early in their drawing skills. But the imagination beyond the drawing is what stands out. With crafty staging and witty concepts, Fredo creates some pretty impressive, albeit low tech, three-dimensional effects. While a lot of the illusion is happening on paper, don’t let the amateur photography mislead you. The stark lighting and angles are clearly doing a lot of the work here. However, if this is entirely the work of someone 17 years old, then there might be some truly mind-blowing work in store for us from an adult Fredo.