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Quick, to the bat cave… in Aruba!

BPF Jake at cliffsOne of our intrepid framers managed to flee the country get away with the family for a vacation on the island of Aruba. His favorite site was Arikok National Park, where he snapped some pretty impressive pics and was able to… well, we’ll let Jake tell it.

I figured Aruba would be nothing but beaches & piña coladas. But my wife and I read there was a national park that occupied 30% of the island. So after we’d had our share of the beach and the bar, we rented a car and spent an afternoon at Arikok. It was easily one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. After entering the park, we drove through cactus and rocks for about 30 minutes. Then, suddenly, the coast appeared. It looked like something out of a National Geographic centerfold. The volcanic rock made it difficult to walk near the edge of the cliffs, so we went as far as we dared. The force of the wind and the sound of the waves was hard to ignore.

Pano of cliffsPano of waves

waves at Arikok

The ocean view was so awe-inspiring that I didn’t think we could top it and I was ready to call it quits for the day. But Laurie was convinced that the bat caves were worth a look. A short walk back from the shoreline, there were rocky hills that one could easily enter.

Batcaves Once inside, it was pitch black. I almost didn’t go in, but framers are known for their *ahem* fearless demeanor. So even tho’ I literally could not see where I was stepping for about a dozen yards, I bravely followed my wife into the caves. Jake entering batcave The entire time, it felt like every monster movie ever made, certain that something was going to reach out of the darkness and bite one of us. It was worth the anxiety because after we made it to the interior, there was a comforting about of sunlight coming in through openings in the natural roof. Jake inside batcaveIt was so odd to see such a remarkable sight in person, and not just on a computer screen or in a coffee table book. I think the entire trip reminded us that seeing something or knowing something is not more important than doing something and sharing new experiences. Since getting home, we’ve vowed to do more traveling whenever possible.