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Our own Best of 2012

Fortunately, the world did not end in 2012, but it did continue to crank out original & eye-popping works of art. A big upside to producing this blog is that we get to uncover some of that art right here. So as Old Man ’12 gets ready to hand it off to Baby New Year, here’s a brief round-up of our most favorite discoveries.

We love sharing stories about new ways to cut & manipulate paper, and we thought we’d seen it all. Then we found quiller Lisa Nilsson. This box, entitled Female Torso, is just one example of her work. It’s only 9 x 10 x 3/4 inches, and it’s still chock-full of technical prowess that blew us away. Lisa Nilsson

Sometimes the most interesting discoveries are in our very own backyard. We met Jesse Green when he brought us a bunch of articles about his chainsaw art to be framed. Now he’s got his very own reality TV show on Nat Geo, “American Chainsaw.” Congrats, Jesse! Jesse Green

Not all of our favorite posts were about a specific artist. There were some articles about fantastic concepts and ways to showcase art, as well. Art-o-Mat is a perfect example. Originated by Clark Whittington in 1997, these refurbished vending machines are just as impressive as the tiny artworks that they dispense. secca-nc

A recurring trend in art this past year was to go low-tech and espouse a sense of nostalgia. Homeroom was a show of 20 artists that demonstrates this idea beautifully. Concepts are always more interesting when they challenge you to insert yourself or your own ideas. How would you portray the images you scrawled as a child if you had to draw them today? soey-milk

If we had to pick one post that hit all these marks and gets our vote for top-of-the-heap, it’s gotta be this one. Ben Venom is hard-core when it comes to quilting. His mastery of piecing together heavy metal rock n roll t-shirts into mesmerizing quilts definitely left an impression on us. How else are you gonna stay warm, look good, and blast some Ozzy Osborne in style? the-mega-quilt