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Draw Something makes your smart phone frameable

WARNING: If your smart phone can get apps and you’ve got a friend with the same, it’s only a matter of time before you’re addicted to Draw Something. At least that’s what early statistics would indicate. The pictionary-style game was released on February 1st and there’ve been 20 million downloads – altho’, keep in mind that it takes two to play. This is certainly part of its viral nature – the more games you’ve got going, the more often you can play while you’re waiting on a response from each player. Think about this: on Monday there were 2,400 Draw Something pictures being made per second. OMGPOP, the app’s producer has spent zero money on marketing since the launch. Sounds like a pretty solid business plan to us! So far, users have produced over 1 billion drawings. We’ve probably contributed half of that since the infection got hold of us wannabe artists here at Big Picture. Some of us are a little doubtful about the inclusion of proper nouns in the word choices (Seriously, “Jordan”?! – there’s only so many ways one can depict the New Kids on the Block or the Middle Eastern country with these primitive tools!) Woe be to those with fat fingers – time to up your game with a bigger range of colors. But look out – that’s gonna cost you some of the coins you scored. Or you could always spend real money on the bigger palette choices. We’ll leave that to the *ahem* real addicts.

We can’t take credit for any of these masterpieces, but they’re some good examples of how the game works, as well as the time & effort that people are investing.