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Now is the time to custom frame

Halley’s Comet. A royal coronation. The Centennial Exposition. Some events don’t come around very often. Like this. The big one. Our half off sale. That’s right, 50% off all custom framing.
Oh, yeah – we can hear some of you out there. “Pffft, half off – that’s no big deal. Places do that all the time!” Not us. Remember, when stores give you a discounted price, the value is only as good as the number that’s being discounted. Our normal, everyday 30% discount is taken off of standard framing industry list prices. We don’t start with a built-in markup. We’re not a big box store that’s part of a nationwide chain with lots of overhead costs to cover. So we’re able to stand behind our guarantee that you can’t get any of our custom frames for less anywhere else.
ImageProxyThat means that when we do our world-renowned 50% off sale, you better believe it’s a true value. Great, you’re gonna save a bucket of money – now what?
Well, this would be a great time to bring in anything from Dad’s game winning golf putter to that menu you kept from the family’s trip to Disney World. Quilts, sports jerseys, diplomas, vinyl records, army medals – bring in whatever you’ve got and let us show you how custom framing can look amazing on anything that you want to display and protect.


Store #15 is open for business!

We opened our 15th location last Friday in Lexington, MA! We’re very excited to be in one of the town center’s historic buildings at 1646 Massachusetts Avenue. Many of the regular customers at our Arlington location will have somewhere to go that’s a little closer to home, and people who hadn’t known us before can find out about the beautiful designs that we do at affordable prices.
We’ll have more photos of the finished store in time for the grand opening, but for now, here’re some behind-the-scenes of what goes into a Big Picture Framing location. Thanks for the pics, Jane!

Oops, this image of our “specialty tools” might be considered a trade secret

Owner Bob Clayton, shows off the display wall for the frame corner samples

Look at all those brand new ready made frames!

Owners Bob & Barry have done nearly all of the store set-ups during the company’s 12 years

Pizza topped with the human experience

And now for something completely different. A friend sent us a link to this movie trailer and we almost didn’t watch it. The name “Rock-afire Explosion” didn’t mean anything to us and there was no indication what type of movie it was. When we watched it out of curiosity, it hit us on so many different levels.

Before Chuck E Cheese usurped the pizza-restaurant-with-animatronic-band niche, there was the Rock-afire Explosion. This 2008 movie is about its legacy and the people it impacted. Sound cheesy? Yes, and only kinda. While we haven’t had the pleasure of getting our greasy little hands on a copy of this yet (free screener copy anyone?), the trailer makes it appear to encapsulate everything dear about the human experience. Love, art, loss, a reason to live, the importance of one’s childhood – all told with a quirky bent that almost no one watching could have imagined. And yet, we’re drawn to the subjects and their attempt to achieve the impossible dream – to freeze time and live in their happy-place forever.
Too grandiose? We’ll see. Who wants to watch with us?

Got art?

Think custom framing isn’t for you ’cause you don’t own anything you wanna frame? Pfffft, that’s old world thinking! We’ve gotchya covered even if you walk in without a piece of art to your name. Big Picture Framing always offers 60% off custom framed prints if you order the print through us. That’s better than the employee discount! The offer is featured on our new website: 60% off the print and 60% off a custom frame for it. You can either come in to one of our stores and browse our catalogs or, if you enjoy shopping in your pajamas, you can visit the Lieberman’s website. In order to take advantage of the 60% off, you’ll have let us order the print for you, but Lieberman’s site is an easy way to look for the picture you want. It takes approximately 2 weeks for the art to arrive at one of our stores. Then you can come in and we’ll help you pick out a frame design that’ll make it unique for you. Super easy, and super awesome. There’s only a couple of gajillion images to choose from, including lesser known stuff along with some old favorites like these guys –

Virtually catching a wave as art

Definition of art #372 might be “when science meets creativity.” But positing that might tick off any scientists in the audience who could argue good science requires creativity already. Ok, so we’ll rephrase that and say art could be “whenever science is used toward an end that isn’t practical.” Case in point: data buoy station 46246 in the Pacific Ocean is collecting wave data in real-time for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. It records the intensity and frequency of the water’s movement at this remote location (up, faster, down, to the side, up, slower, etc) and transfers it to a mechanical grid structure installed at The National Museum in Wroclaw, Poland. Now remember this rule that seems to be true for all really good art: it’s interesting to know all that stuff, but even if you didn’t, this would still be pretty cool… hyp-no-ti-zing even…

And the new frame store goes to…

Big Picture Framing is getting bigger! After 11 years, we’re opening our 14th store in August. The lucky town is Andover and we’re eager to show them what we offer in custom framing: superior designs, fast service, an unparalleled unconditional guarantee, and the best everyday prices in the industry. The new location will also be the first appearance of our brand new logo! We’ll be making other exciting announcements to coincide with the Andover opening. So watch this space – 2011 is going to be a big year for custom framing in New England!

5 reasons why you need custom framing in your life

How many times in your life have you had something custom framed? We’re guessing you can count it one hand… or maybe not at all. People often think, “I don’t need to get my art custom framed,” or “It’s nice, but it’s not for me.” Well, here are some reasons to rethink that.

  1. We all deserve beauty in our lives.  Beauty is underrated and overlooked in our fast paced, high-tech world.  Having something personal in your home to admire and appreciate brings good feelings into your everyday life.  Framing is an easy way to do this, but it could be something like a tropical fish or, or… dang it – we’re having trouble thinking of an example that you couldn’t frame!
  2. Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.  We often hear customers say that they don’t want to spend a lot of money and they don’t want anything fancy.  Custom framing doesn’t have to be expensive or elaborate.  But jeez Louise, if yer putting it on the wall in your home where you’ll see it morning, noon and night, do it right!  Just a $10 print?  Well, it’s gonna look like just a $10 print if you put it in an off-the-shelf poster frame.
  3. Express yourself.  Custom framing fulfills a need that we all have: to express our personalities.  We do it with clothes, our hair – all of the personal choices that we make.  It’s a way to let others know who you are and what you care about in a way that words cannot.
  4. No one likes R rated walls.  It might’ve been cool for David Addison when Maddie Hayes visited his apartment for the first time (what, too obscure? – Google it), but in the real world it’d be pretty weird if you went over to a friend’s home and the walls were *gasp* naked.
  5. Function.  Photos on the computer?  Diploma in a drawer?  Kids art on the fridge with magnets?  No good!  Pure and simple – custom framing protects your art or other items and allows you to view them.  Don’t hide your life and don’t wait for time and the elements to turn your memories into a, uh, memory.

Maybe this’ll getchya thinking differently about some of the cherished items in your life.  Chances are, if it’s something that you consider worth owning and you plan on keeping it, then it’s worth having it custom framed.

What are some ways that custom framing has added value to your life?

Our friend has cancer

In the short time we’ve been posting, this blog’s been about a variety of things art related. But recently, a member of the Big Picture Framing family received two diagnoses of cancer in a matter of months. We wanted to use this platform to share with you the challenge that our friend and colleague, Kezia Fitzgerald and her family are facing.

Last May, Kezia and her husband Mike gave birth to their daughter, Saoirse. Eight months later, Kezia was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She began undergoing treatment and documenting the ordeal in her own blog called New Mom… New Cancer. Everyone’s heard the word “cancer”, but few of us know the day-by-day events that take place for those who have it. People unaffected often don’t know what the treatments involve, exactly, or how one’s life is transformed. For us, that’s changed now. We encourage you to visit Kezia’s blog and discover what happens when someone you know is dealing with the unthinkable.

About one year after her birth, Kezia and Mike admitted Saoisrse to the ER when she began to display mysterious ailments. After much head scratching and lots of testing, she was diagnosed with a malignant tumor called Neuroblastoma. Kezia had been making real progress in her own battle and we were all feeling a little safer about it. So when news reached us about Saoisrse, it’s safe to say that we were knocked back on our heels. Saoisrse is one of those babies that you’d expect to see in a commercial or magazine ad – utterly adorable and quite angelic. We were heartbroken, but at the same time we thought of Kezia’s strength that had brought so much success in her own battle. Some friends of Kezia’s who are also mothers have organized a fundraiser for the family. The Diaper Derby is a race for crawlers and walkers up to 15 months old. Prizes will be awarded to the fastest babies. There is a $15 suggested registration fee and donations will be accepted. You can get all the details here. In the meantime, we will continue to check in and update you as to how Kezia and her daughter are fairing.

Has a serious illness affected someone in your life?

3D pencil drawings by Fredo get a double take

Drawings by 17-year-old Chilean artist Fredo are showing up on the internet more & more. He has over 5,000 followers on Facebook. His own website Drawing Open My Third Eye, boasts a steady stream of his pencil drawings done in a characteristic style. The soft rendering technique appears right away as that of somebody still early in their drawing skills. But the imagination beyond the drawing is what stands out. With crafty staging and witty concepts, Fredo creates some pretty impressive, albeit low tech, three-dimensional effects. While a lot of the illusion is happening on paper, don’t let the amateur photography mislead you. The stark lighting and angles are clearly doing a lot of the work here. However, if this is entirely the work of someone 17 years old, then there might be some truly mind-blowing work in store for us from an adult Fredo.

Olly Moss makes pop culture look old fashioned

The current exhibit at Gallery 1988 in Santa Monica, CA is by Winchester, UK-based artist Olly Moss. Moss has been called one of the most influential pop culture artists today. The show is called “Paper Cuts” and it’s his first solo art exhibition ever. Each of these pieces was drawn, laser cut, mounted, and framed. Oh yeah, and there are 352 of them. Fans began lining up 24 hours in advance to buy a Moss original. Reportedly, all pieces have already sold out. Sadly, the show is only up til May 20. But we’ve tried to bring you some of our favorites from around the web. Are there any profiles who stump you? Which ones are your favs?