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We did it again! Merry Christmas

Well, we made it through another holiday season of last minute custom framing. This is our time of the year to shine, when most other framers have to say “no” to custom orders 2 weeks before the 25th. We do all our production work “in house”, so it allows us a faster turn-around time. Each of our stores will get a phone call at about 11am this morning on Christmas Eve to announce the cut-off time at our saw-room. At that point, Bob & Barry – the owners of BPF themselves, will hit the road just like Santa and deliver those final frames. Still framing frame postEveryone on our staff did what it took to make this year a success. Whether it was Chris & his staff at our Needham location producing an enormous number of framed art, or the Shrewsbury staff staying late until everything was finished, or other framers like Lydia, Laurie, McKenzy, and Jamie traveling to help cover at other stores, or Rebecca working on her days off in the warehouse, the staff at all our stores take a lot of pride in saying “yes” to every customer and making sure their gifts are ready in time. Arguably, Frank and his staff in the saw room have the largest task, cutting every frame for every store. As long as the moulding is in stock, they say yes to all our phone calls. You may not believe in Santa Claus, but those guys will make you believe in his elves.
So great job, everybody! Tomorrow we’ll be able to enjoy the holiday as well as the warm feeling inside that we helped make a lot of other people’s holiday complete.


Get them custom framing for the holidays

FramingElfWhether you love shopping for Christmas gifts or hate it, the goal is the same. We all want to find the perfect gift – something that the person will love, use, and be impressed by. That’s a tall order to fill when you’re in the retail and online trenches. But maybe it’d be easier if you consider thinking outside the box… and inside the frame. Custom framing always impresses. Your loved one will use it everyday when they look at it on the wall in their living or work space. And how much will they love it? You can insure they’ll treasure it forever if you frame something that they already cherish. Here’re some actual jobs that we’ve done that might inspire some your own ideas.

These tools were a gift to the customer’s husband – the very first ones he used at his life-long job.

Framing your child’s art as a gift to your spouse is always a great idea.

If you’re giving to a sports fan, we can frame a jersey or shirt of their favorite team.

Many veterans have mementos that are kept out of sight where they can’t be appreciated. Framing medals and old photos will mean a lot to the recipient and anyone else who sees them.

Souvenirs from special events like baseball games or concerts can be framed in many different ways.

Don’t worry if none of the above apply to you. We can help you get creative with even the most mundane possessions. These three ties were worn to work everyday by a father/husband – why simply throw them away when you can use them to decorate and inspire memories?