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We did it again! Merry Christmas

Well, we made it through another holiday season of last minute custom framing. This is our time of the year to shine, when most other framers have to say “no” to custom orders 2 weeks before the 25th. We do all our production work “in house”, so it allows us a faster turn-around time. Each of our stores will get a phone call at about 11am this morning on Christmas Eve to announce the cut-off time at our saw-room. At that point, Bob & Barry – the owners of BPF themselves, will hit the road just like Santa and deliver those final frames. Still framing frame postEveryone on our staff did what it took to make this year a success. Whether it was Chris & his staff at our Needham location producing an enormous number of framed art, or the Shrewsbury staff staying late until everything was finished, or other framers like Lydia, Laurie, McKenzy, and Jamie traveling to help cover at other stores, or Rebecca working on her days off in the warehouse, the staff at all our stores take a lot of pride in saying “yes” to every customer and making sure their gifts are ready in time. Arguably, Frank and his staff in the saw room have the largest task, cutting every frame for every store. As long as the moulding is in stock, they say yes to all our phone calls. You may not believe in Santa Claus, but those guys will make you believe in his elves.
So great job, everybody! Tomorrow we’ll be able to enjoy the holiday as well as the warm feeling inside that we helped make a lot of other people’s holiday complete.


How to be Santa’s framing elves

If you’ve seen the latest banner hanging outside our stores, you know it says “Still Framing for the Holidays.” That banner stays up thru Christmas Eve. That’s right. Think about it – we can do custom framing up until 11:00am on Saturday 12/24. And that afternoon, we can still frame certain sizes in time for Christmas with frames we’ve got on our shelves. We’ve always prided ourselves on this because it’s one of the things that sets us apart from other framers.

Big Picture Framing can do last-minute custom framing for lots of reasons. We’re a locally owned business. We cut our own frames at a centrally located saw room. Your art stays in the store and we don’t farm out any part of the job. Our dedicated staff, both in the saw room and in each store, is committed to doing whatever it takes to get you your holiday projects and gifts in time for that important date. We never charge an extra fee for rushing a job. Bring us your special mementos, collectibles, and art – we’ll show you some fantastic designs that even Scrooge could afford. When you get it back on time, you might even think we employed Santa & his elves to get it done so fast.