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The Special Olympics are More Than Just a Game

“More Than Just a Game” is an exhibit of photographs by Len Rubenstein that featured a variety of athletes from the Special Olympics. We were honored when Mary Beth at the Special Olympics office brought us the job of mounting the 20 photos, but we didn’t grasp just how fantastic the concept was until we saw the photos. Len Rubenstein’s studio setting and large format made each portrait quite personal – just having them in the store to work on became inspiring for us.

We got an invite to see the show at Boston’s Institute for Contemporary Art on the evening of November 14. It was a thrill to be there in person and see them in a world-class gallery setting. Coming from a framer’s point of view, it was hard to imagine how the pieces would look after being mounted so simply. But being able to walk around the photos created a much different impression than if they’d been hung on a wall. There was a feeling that the work was just about each person and his or her personality – very different than being confronted with a piece of art that the viewer is forced to face from only one point of view.

Check out this video of Len Rubenstein’s photo shoot – it’s easy to see just how much pride & joy went into the project, for Len just as much as the athletes.