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You oughtta be in pictures

Spring is in the air – it’s staying lighter later, temperatures are warming, birds are singing – that can mean only one thing. The Hollywood blockbuster season is upon us! Y’know it’s summer when you find yourself plunking down $12.50 to see the latest superhero/wizard/animated/alien 3D eye fest.
But we’re watching movies at home more and more. Thanks to multiple venues like Netflix and On Demand, we don’t have to go out or spend big bucks at the box office to get our film fix. So while you’re enjoying movies on your home screen, don’t forget that movie posters on your wall make a great design choice. They look great in a casual living space or a full-blown home theater. But if a poster of “Toy Story” or “Star Wars” doesn’t sound like the right pic for you, it might be perfect in your child’s bedroom. Now, where could you easily get said movie posters at super-affordable prices online? Hmmm…
Alright, you wore us down. Go to our website here to take advantage of our 60% off posters and custom framing offer. You can choose from an enormous inventory of images.
If we order it for you and custom frame it, you save 60% off the price of the poster and 60% off the framing! Not only will you have some slick new wall art, but you’ll have money left over to actually go out to the movies. Here’s just a small sampling of what’s available –