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This art will stick with you

At first, we figured there wasn’t much more to Max Zorn’s tape art than what meets the eye. But the street artist has a few twists waiting for anyone who takes the time to check out his site. First of all, it’s not evident in these online pics, but he hangs his portraits on street lamps and other urban light sources. The tape has been applied to clear plastic layers, so the lamp illuminates what might otherwise look like the top of a discarded shipping box.

Max Zorn (surely not his real name – that was the villain’s name in the James Bond flick, A View to a Kill, played by Chris Walken!) includes a map on his site that will tell you where he’s “displayed” his art. And he even announces upcoming “shows”. Just the other day, he posted that Liverpool, Bristol, and London can expect to see the release of his take on The Beatles.
If there’s any doubt as to the talent that his tape art requires, there’s a time-lapse video below of Zorn at work. We wouldn’t have guessed the process requires so many steps, both additive and reductive. It’s darn impressive.


This is a stick up!

For one night only on March 15, Vienna and Zagreb based architects Numen/For Use created a sculptural installation made entirely of tape at the Design Museum in London. 156 rolls of sticky tape were used to create a structure that looked a lot like those old school films would show the insides of our bodies to look like on a molecular level. Similar to their previous installations, viewers could climb inside and crawl thru the tubes of tape. These sculptures earned the architects a nomination for the Brit Insurance Design of the year award. (First place ended up going to Plumen for the Plumen 001, the world’s first designer energy saving light bulb.) These pics and the video at the bottom give you just a sense of what these installations are like.